Friday, May 5, 2017

April Showers bring May Flowers

This month I received a bill and a payment from my blog, wish these things cancel out on it's own but it doesn't work that way. Recently, my Youtube account was activated as it's Google linked, I didn't know that. Two of my videos got copyrighted and it's getting more complicated for sure with tags, copyrights, paid content, adsense revenue and even getting subscribers. Right now, my camera cannot even film more than 5 min clips.

I also made some charges to my mom's credit card coz of Easter, sending floral arrangements and gift baskets to local & overseas people. The exchange rates on credit cards are always much higher than the market rate, something to note. For example 1 USD to 1.3 SGD at the money changer, the credit card exchange rate is 1 USD to 1.45 SGD. Let's see, I used ProFlowers for America as they have the cutest plants, 1800-Flowers for UK & Australia coz they deliver there, Gift Flowers in Singapore with the latest box-of-blooms/orchid-in-a-teacup. Gift Flowers also has a Hong Kong site.

Won $6 from Singapore Sweeps, same thing last year as well. I think the biggest prize I've ever won is $20 and that's an all-time record. For small prizes like these, it's easy to claim the cash over the counter at any outlet. Usually they ask you to exchange it for new sweep tickets.

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