Friday, April 14, 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 1 & 2)

Check out the size of this cruise liner, the ships keep getting bigger. Just look at the number of balcony suites, this time we are upgrading to one of these balcony rooms. Cruise from Singapore to Phuket, stopover at Penang.

First meal on board is always a buffet coz of the number of people checking in. The outdoor pool is actually a wave rider you can surf in, big screen is for movies at night under the stars. I didn't actually make it to one of those movie screenings coz there's a live theater show every night.

There is an indoor pool and a solarium (indoor jacuzzis).

Every evening there is a sit-down dinner in one of the 4 main restaurants and reservations help coz of the crowds. My family of 10 managed to get seating together all the time, so its really well planned.

All the restaurants carry Asian Fusion menus, so its really difficult to predict what your going to get. Here the cream soup was Thai tomyam gha with coconut milk, Caesar salad and Turkey with all the trimmings.

Scrapbooking classes, the above kit is free, the staff will also sell $10 kits if you're interested. I loved working with an ocean view and proper tables to do my crafts on.

For lunch, I had Chinese duck salad, beef burger and molten choc cake.

My mom bought us scratch cards from the Casino. After lunch we headed over to the Casino to try our luck, lost a few hundred dollars.

At dinner, we celebrated my aunt's birthday. Everyone was too full to eat cake so the restaurant provided a 200gm cake for us instead. The menu again: Chinese seafood consomme, steak, lemongrass creme brulee.

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