Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Blessings (五福临门) Cross Stitch

I bought this cross-stitch kit in Guilin for 25 yuan. The friendly shopowner told me it would take half a month to complete then proceeded to draw squares on the back as a guide. It took me 16 days to complete it. Including framing time, it would be 3 weeks in total.

I chose an uncommon gourd design laden with auspicious words and symbols. The main theme is 5 blessings or 五福临门, a common prayer wish for longevity, wealth, health, peace and happiness.

Now that this is complete, I am upgrading to a bigger cross-stitch of mandarin ducks and hopefully later to a family signboard of peonies and butterflies.

Posting more pictures after framing, stay tuned.

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