Monday, May 12, 2008

New Office

Today I moved into my new office in Changi. A discreet little building that everyone thought was called Rohde & Schwarz (because the company put their name outside their window). I foresee arguments with taxi drivers in the future. The actual name of the building is nowhere to be found except on the glass door entrance, in tiny frosted letters.

It isn't too bad. I have a lovely seat by the terrace that is adjacent to the largest pantry I have ever seen. Big enough to rival Bloomberg’s. Although Changi Business Park is far from everything, there is enough for a normal workday. A food court to have lunch and a pond where we can feed fishes for fun.

Not so luckily, my screen now faces the rest of the office, so anyone can just spring up on me. I think it surprised my boss as well. Because, although he still has his office, his screen now faces the rest of the office (ha ha…).

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