Friday, June 8, 2018

Day Out @ Ikea

The real reason I go to Ikea is the food. This must be the only place in Singapore where you can get a nordic meal at a reasonable price all the time. 

Checking out the fake homes on display, this new season is totally different from the previous few. There are new looks every few months that you will miss if you only come by once a year. 

The variety of choices is pretty amazing, from traditional artisan to minimalist modern. 

Real shopping begins at the home accessories department. The designs are mostly fixed here and I come by to stock up on containers that I use to give away food to friends and neighbors.

Then there is this new Clearance section that is up to 70% off. I came to Ikea just to buy this side table lamp so not sure why all the stock is sitting in clearance. 

Fake cactus to create that hacienda desert look, pretty cool. Fake plants can work indoors and you don't have to look after it like real plants.

Self-collection station near the cashiers, great place for last minute bargains.

Stop at the food mart next to the Soda/Ice-cream/Hotdog counter, its got all the authentic ingredients & frozen cafe meals for you to buy home.

The plastic bags are not free, must always remember to bring your own shopping bag.

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