Friday, April 24, 2015

Simplicity - Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2178 - Dress B

Dress B is the long skirt version of Dress A. I chose to make it in dip-dyed cotton because the long skirt will show off the ombre colours nicely. I am cutting the fabric vertically so the colours will change from left to right. I have also decided to elongate the lining as cotton can be quite translucent.

Day 1 : Read pattern and finalize on size
Day 2 : Cutting paper pattern & fabric
Day 3 : Sewing the pieces of fabric together
Day 4 : Rest @ cafe and buy dress zip & interfacing
Day 5 : Sew zip onto dress and iron on interfacing
Day 6 : Evaluate dress and adjust where necessary

I appear to be preparing for National Day, first with the orchid and now with red & white.

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