Friday, October 3, 2014

Weighing in on Supermarket Contests

After a good few months of entering supermarket contests, I really had lots of fun and won lots of prizes. It was a great experience for a bored girl. These contests also extended past supermarket chains like Sheng Siong into convenience stores 7-Eleven, Cheers etc.

A warning to all my friends that it is NOT CHEAP entering supermarkets contests, I spent upwards of $500 each month. I rationalize that I am buying food or cleaning products, daily essentials and not luxury. My kitchen cupboards filled up quickly over these months and I always had extra to share with family and neighbors. You need handy wrapping skills to turn the excess into pretty hampers for housewarmings, birthdays and newborns. To save money you should choose only contests with prizes you really want, re-gifting can be a chore as you have to think of someone that needs that exact item.

This exercise is also time-consuming, thank goodness I have all the time in the world. Being able to shop off-peak hours was a great relief as there are less shoppers around and nobody at checkout. I have to say it's really tiring but at the same time rewarding. It wasn't easy making all those grocery runs and to soo many outlets. If you are on a tight budget, make allowance for transportation costs.

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