Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lladro's Limited Editions

Formal shopping event organized by Lladro @ Takashimaya Rose Room. Having purchased some items from Lladro before, I was enticed with a complimentary gift to attend.

Yummy Hari Raya desserts from Fadina, the baklava bites are good. Dolce Gusto coffee and mineral water on hand to make this sales pitch a tea time soiree. Only limited editions on sale here, 15% discount for on-site purchases.

Mostly Dragons and Horses, its the year of the horse and dragons are always popular.

What I really liked is this vase/urn. In full colour its $32,000, in 2-tone, its just $11,000. Featuring the intricate flowers that Lladro is known for.

Feathered lady is kinda Rio, no?

Free gift is a Lladro card holder that looks more suited for the sales reps : ) I thought it would be a bag or bag holder. I guess this event is catered towards guys, that's why.

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