Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medan Trip

Stayed at Marriott and have to say the security is a bit of an inconvenience. Gates and guards at the entrance and exit, scanners and metal detectors at the doors and room card required at all times to identify yourself. Such a pain, no wonder nobody comes here. The inconvenience also means all dining and transportation has to be in-house. However, the spacious rooms and attentive dinner service makes up for all of that. Where else can you get spectacular desserts served in ice sculptures for $4?

My schedule for work had early starts, late ends. Especially as it was opening day and couriers kept coming by with packages for the office. A little impromptu spring-cleaning thrown in after lunch helped to keep us awake. It was a brilliant idea to keep the air-conditioning at unusually low temperatures to cool us down after all that running around.

Never been to Indonesia before and have to say, the food is memorable. For opening day, the Branch manager cut a beautiful Rice Cake (Nasi Tumpeng). Food is served in huge banana leaf lined baskets, flavourful aromatic grilled meats, exotic fruits (e.g. salak). The small city center services the plantations located just outside it's perimeter (a.k.a. our customers). Hence, fresh produce such as the famous Sumatra coffee are readily available.

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