Tuesday, November 10, 2009

XO Herbal Steamboat

My favourite steamboat joint. Old HK Street Restaurant's XO Herbal Steamboat at Balestier Road. The queues start early so come early or make a reservation. They also have XO crab beehoon, XO fish beehoon in milky soup. Their Zhi Char is also not bad.

The stock is so rich you can drink it on it's own like double boiled herbal soup. Extra shots of XO or booster of herbs can be added on for $2-$5. They start you off on a set (pic above) so you don't have to think about it. Thereafter, you can order additional portions of whatever you want.

The meat & seafood are fresh, so no worries here. Reminds me of the claypot sharksfin soup in Thailand.

We usually order some cooked items to have while waiting for the steamboat to boil. Cuttlefish with sambal kangkong is good, so is their Ha Chong Kai (fried prawn paste chicken).

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