Friday, April 16, 2021 Grocery Orders

Not trying out Amazon Fresh yet as the discount codes do not work, why bother advertising when there is actually nothing. This one purchase is broken up into 3 parts of Amazon local delivery, US delivery and Prime international delivery. There is 30 day free trial of Prime delivery for first timers like myself.

Prime delivery on Tapped Birch Water from Finland, its actually birch tree sap and comes plain or flavored. I ordered a dozen for myself and to give away. It's supposed to be like maple syrup but lighter.

US delivery of Combos snacks buffalo blue cheese pretzel (tastes fermented, super salty) and pepperoni pizza (sour tomato acidic, no pepperoni or pizza taste). John West soft cod roes that is not available here, I like this brand so far for its canned seafood, I had to order a pack of 10 cans for delivery.

Tortuga Mexican rum cake as well as Caribbean rum cake around S$25 each, the last time I bought it from Candy Empire around S$35 each, retail price is $25USD each. I also saw the coffee S$80 for a bag of freshly ground coffee beans under 1kg.

Local delivery on Glico Pretz Chili Crab & Chicken Rice flavors, Oishi brand Panchos or nacho flavored chips, Barbie brand strawberry biscuits, tamarind paste and Yeo's salted fish with black bean that is very Indonesian and not easily available here, so I ordered 12 cans. Cartoon biscuits are also not common so I ordered the max limit 31 packets.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Sakuru Mart & Chinese Commodity City

Trying out two new fresh foods suppliers on Qoo10, Sakuru Mart & Chinese Commodity City. I am ordering mostly meats but these two suppliers have bottled goods, canned goods, herbs and fresh vegetables.  

Chinese style pickled veges, my fave mei cai and the coriander root that everyone is promoting lately. Beyond the salt and chili its a bit hard to tell. Beef is cheap or the cheapest meat available here, so I ordered 1kg beef balls $10 and 1kg ribeye steak $20.

Its also about the fresh abalone that I cannot find anywhere, its cheaper than the canned versions I always get. 1kg small individual portion size and 1kg bigger size that we always see in restaurants, $60 a packet. 

I always buy bbq unagi when I find it coz its difficult to cook, I got it last time for $10 each, this one is $12.90. 4 packets of daifuku in sesame cream, green tea cream, strawberry cream, blueberry cream, $15 each packet. 

Frozen prepared foods, 4x duck breast $12.90 same price as cold storage deli section. 1.5kg salmon fillet $20, I am addicted to this you know my last salmon order was 3kg. 6 piping bags of shrimp paste to make deep fried shrimp toast $11.90, I got this coz its the same price as fresh shrimp for now. 

Frozen kakiage tempura $14.90 for 10 individual portion size. If you are serious about staying home to eat you can just order everything from here and have a Japanese izakaya at home. I am still looking for fresh uni and reasonably priced ikura.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Time for Thai

It's Good Friday, public holiday.

Authentic Thai food from this eatery, I was looking for other types of Thai food and came across this place that has all my favorites and more. S$122 for 3 people including drinks and dessert, there are 4 mains and 4 side dishes. 

Drinks are iced lychee or longan (I've seen this in the Vietnam youtube videos), iced cream green tea with gula melaka (very Korean) and iced nom yen (its the pink red ruby dessert without the ruby). Desserts available for home delivery are mango with sticky rice and tapioca with milk.

Steamed squid in spicy lemon sauce also available in fish, the sauce is like vietnamese nuoc cham. Fried seabass in tamarind sauce that is 2 dishes in 1, egg fuyong and fried fish with most of the bones being edible. The tamarind sauce has a slightly bitter herbal taste.

Stir-fry basil pork with not much basil, cockles with thai dipping sauce that is a real rarity these days. Side dishes are clear tom yum soup sour & spicy like nuoc cham, stuffed boneless chicken wings that turned out to be the best dish, pandan chicken is always very flavorful, spicy beef salad also available in seafood.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Dian Xiao Er delivery

Dian Xiao Er the place that sells herbal duck now does home delivery! There is also free soup of the day for 2, I really like the soup coz it goes with everything else and also the boiled peanuts at the end make a good mid-day snack. I only ordered half a duck coz a whole duck can feed an entire family.

Total cost is S$83 including bubble tea, iced peach tea or regular milk tea, both with bubbles. I also ordered the large portion of Mongolian spare ribs coz its available boneless at no extra charge, would like it to be a little more crisp and less mushy.

On a different day, I ordered from Sakae Sushi next door to this place. Lots of torched sushi for S$65. The chawanmushi is best left cold and fried kakiage with Indonesian style spicy sweet sauce is soo much better than tempura veges.

Easter egg, hot cross buns and sparkling juice from M&S! That egg is better than a floral arrangement coz I can eat it.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Sushi Takeout

Some of the meals I've had since the new year. Made the coloured pasta into chicken cobb salad & seafood salad. Tried making bacon avocado twists that unraveled, not soo easy rolling bacon around things and having it baked out that way.

All salmon sushi takeout that costs S$30. I find the price quite reasonable for torched salmon that tastes very salmon-y.

Guardian Pharmacy delivery of painkillers and Chinese medicated oils. 

Axe Brand Oil also produces other brands of medicated oil like Red Flower that is red in colour and Gold Medal. I bought a bigger bottle of Siang Oil (from Thailand) that stings like chili padi. Tiger balm @ half price, hoping these joints/neck ones work the same as the balm.

Jumbo pack of Panadol 120 caplets. Guardian has Extra or Optizorb available in jumbo packs. This purchase will hopefully last me 2 months.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Redmart x Lazada

I ordered everything from Redmart x Lazada, there is free delivery and $12 discounts on first few orders. Choosing a delivery slot is supposed to be free but you have to pay premiums or have several items missing. The final amount was almost $50 over what I initially thought I was paying.

Sashimi grade salmon, that is the description given on the website. I bought these Hellmann salad dressings for it and the offer was buy 2 get 1 free, but the 3 items got split into two bills and I ended up paying full price on all 3 bottles. Frozen chopped dill, I was afraid the fresh version wouldn't survive and dried is always not as good. 

I also bought sausage meat, candy cheese, plain flour. The candy cheese is used in making cheese balls in Korean pizza or wings takeaway, its crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, cannot find the korean flour they use but here are the cheese fillings.

So all this is just one meal, minestrone soup from The Cellar Door, marinated boneless chicken in smoky bbq & cajun with artisan farfalle pasta, UFC watermelon juice. Pasta cooking cream, shredded cheese mix, sliced avocados & sweet corn kernels, I assume my fridge already has the other ingredients. For dessert there is my favorite Wall's Solero Ice Cream Sticks & mango-tamarind candy.

These desserts are too nicely packaged to be eaten and will be given away. Gin Thye Rabbit Rolls, its regular swiss sponge cake roll with cream but the rabbit brand milk candy packaging is soo vintage-cool. Merlion salted egg cookies, pack of 4! I thought I only bought 1 pack. All the merlion tea is also on clearance, I didn't get any coz I prefer boba milk tea these days.