Friday, January 19, 2018

Post New Year's @ Orchard Road

This year's Pantone colour is Ultra Violet. Oh, I think I've seen this incredible alien - science fiction shade of blue-purple almost everywhere.

Hair Coloring by Guy Tang, I've been following this hairdresser on youtube for years now as he specializes in rainbow hair colours. He can also do plain blonde to brown shades in balayage. Too bad he's based in America.

Here in Singapore, you can get your hair coloured in rainbow shades at QB House for a very reasonable price. Alternatively, check with your regular hairstylist if they carry multi-color hair dye, there's even glow-in-the-dark and neons.

To obtain the UV look in makeup, Urban Decay's latest Heavy Metal eyeshadows & eyeliners coupled with Vice lipsticks & topcoats. Every makeup artists dream! The eyeshadow palette is $88 and the eyeliners/lipsticks/topcoats are $30 each, prices in SGD. Buy from Sephora.

Makeup Pictures from makeup bloggers XSPARKAGE and TEMPTALIA, using the mentioned brand name products.

 I was at Paragon to get children gifts coz the top 2 floors here are all kid related shops, including Mothercare. I got these badge maker refills from Toys'r'us, original price $12.90 on clearance for $3.90 each.

I finally bought something from The Better Toy Store coz the items there are famously expensive. It's the usual wood carved toys ($79.90), wall stickers ($69.90), specialty plastic figurines ($12.90) and Steiff Teddy Bears. This is a pin the tail on the donkey party game/decor set, that folds out 4x the calendar sized package.

Crab Pasta, tomato soup and orange soda from Da Paolo.

Crickets are symbols of good luck to the Chinese. I came across this one in the most unlikely place possible, the shopping center carpark, can only mean this year is going to be a good one.

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