Friday, January 12, 2018

Christmas Gifts Received

I was on social media looking at stuff people received over Christmas and I couldn't believe how many advent calendars and candles there are.

I received a DHL delivery from from my Taiwanese friends.

There are no books inside, just Taiwanese snacks of dried fruit and floral tea. All the packaging is resealable so I opened everything to try.

These brown packets of dried fruit come with one fruit tea bag each, meant for per occasion use, it's really handy. You can now treat your friend to afternoon tea without actually sitting down with them.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Cookies, just regular sugar cookies that are greyish in color with a slight dryness of black tea. Chi Shang Rice Crispies that are amazing! It's tastes like teriyaki with a seaweed on top. I really like that all snacks are individually wrapped so you don't have to finish everything once its opened.

New cup with a sleepy sheep design from Metro, people like to give me sleepy things. There's a suction pad on the bottom that prevents it from tipping over, really thoughtful coz I need it.

Sobranie Cocktail smokes...such an adult present, first time I've received cigarettes.

Laneige Essential Care Travel Set, 6 of their Water Bank products that will last me a couple of months on the road. The travel sizes are pretty substantial and not exactly trial sizes.

Mango Wristlet with floral embroidery. I like the black background with colorful flowers on top, kinda looks like the collection from H&M x Erdem 2017.

Trinket Tray in heart-shaped Tiffany blue. I don't have one at all so this is perfect.

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