Friday, April 8, 2016

Cold Storage Grocery Shopping

$100 grocery run from Cold Storage

AirWick 4-in-1 Sparkling Citrus Aerosol   $3.85
AirWick LifeScents Freshmatic Summer Delight   $12.25
Philadelphia Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread (150gm x 2)   $10
Oreo Sandwich Cookies (137gm x 2)   $ 3.70
Wall's Ice Cream (x3)   $21.70
Newman Ranch Dressing   $10.90
Annie's Organic Goddess Dressing   $8.95
Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing   $6.90
Maille Dijonnaise Mustard (x2)   $10.50
Two Oceans Shiraz Red Wine   $22.95
Evian Water 500ml    $1.80
Broccoli Soup   $3.95
Eclipse Mints   $3.95
Wright Malty Bread Mix   $6.20

Total is $127.60 that comes under $100 after discounts.

LifeScents is AirWicks latest product, each LifeScent has 3 evolving scents so you don't get sick of that 1 scent and makes the room more alive and real. Summer Delight has Melon/White Flowers/Vanilla. The 4-in1 spray is odour neutralizing with additional citrus scent, something everyone needs.

We've tried Two Oceans whites so now I got the red. The Evian water is for my workout, coz I was on my way to the gym, *new bottle packaging*.

I wasn't planning on getting ice cream, however the new Wall's flavours and packaging were being stocked so I thought I would get some Lime/Strawberry Cheesecake/Fruit Salad. Oreo cookies are to make mud pies or if I am lazy I just add them straight from the packet into my ice cream.

My family likes Garlic and Herb spreads for sandwiches (lunch) or crackers (tea time). Philadelphia has these but its not always available, so since I happen to see it on the shelves I got 2 tubs, the tubs are tiny just 137gm. Its flavour is more subtle but really rich & creamy, most people don't like strong garlic flavours so this would be perfect for them.

I like to get good mustard, as a condiment it lasts quite some time so its still affordable. Maille Dijonnaise happened to be on sale 2-for-the-price-of-1. Trying out Annie's Organic Goddess Dressing that is quite different, it tastes like hummus with a sour element. Once you toss this into a salad it makes sense. Kraft Blue Cheese Dressing, I was thinking of Morton's blue cheese iceberg salad when I bought this. And Newman's Ranch Dressing. Salad Dressings are always on sale @ Cold Storage for some reason, I got all these for less than half price.

I decided to try pour-out-of-the-carton organic Broccoli Soup, its not really a dish in itself, I think its meant for cooking. If you're vegetarian you will use this in place of chicken stock.

I've tried Wright's bread mix before and its delish! Meant for the electric breadmaker, you get pretty tough bread from this so don't knead too much. There is a large variety of flavours to choose from.

Eclipse extra strong mints that are really much stronger than other mints.

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